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"It started with a car. Now it’s about acceptance and love.”

Bruce M. Ryan, better known as OG Magnum, is a social media influencer, promoter, advocate and motivational speaker, and life of every party is shattering expectations and stereotypes.

As detailed in a June 29, 2017, Miami New Times article, OG Magnum first gained widespread fame as “the star of Florida rapper Plies' latest video, "Real Hitta"… with almost 9 million views since its release three weeks ago….” Since then, OG Magnum’s star has only continued to rise.

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what people think of og magnum

Always fun-loving, always turnt, and always being himself, OG Magnum encompasses the essence of what Hip-Hop, individuality, and living live to its fullest truly means. He's an awesome example of not living with limitations and doing what you damn well please because it's your life you only have one go-round on. To be that carefree and oblivious to what others think is a declaration of his resolve to do things on his terms his way. Shout to to the coolest car head doing it big down in the Sunshine State being great #Respect

T. Mitchell Jr.

Awesome Human Being and proof that you can still turn up at any age.

S. Thomas

He’s the realest and a very cool person. Just watching him vibe with the crowd is so fulfilling & his love for the cars are the wildest. Lots of love for ya and to ya....

L. Speights