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Florida Custom Car Association

1. Support it. Stand with OG Magnum and fight for our lifestyle and the whole community of custom car enthusiasts. Whether you’re a car owner, a supplier, a manufacturer, a service provider, or just a fan who loves going to car shows, you’re only one step away from making a difference.

Join the Florida Custom Car Association now!

2. Be part of it. Help identify problems like local and statewide restrictions on lights, sound and window tint levels, and emissions controls on older vehicles. Then, help come up with the solutions and change government policy. Be the first to get important information and updates on these issues as an insider.

Join the Florida Custom Car Association now!


Issues we are following: Illegal sized rims. Underbody lights. Statewide sound ordinances. Illegal paint colors. Emissions controls on older vehicles, window tint,  etc.
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